Llangollen Round Challenge - Rules for 1-day event

4th  Llangollen Round Challenge   28th /29th  May 2022

  1. Any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part in this event should take medical advice from a General Practitioner prior to the event

  2. Walkers must leave the base checkpoint at Dinas Brân School on Saturday morning between 6am and 8am.  Early departure is advised.

  3. In the interests of safety, every participant must carry the route booklet (obtainable on the day if you don’t already have one), a whistle, a torch and a filled water bottle.  These items will need to be shown before going to the departure checkpoint. A mobile phone, warm clothing and a waterproof are also strongly advised.

  4. On showing the required items as above, each walker will be given a wristband which they must wear throughout the event.  The wristband will carry the emergency telephone number and the walker’s own number in the event.

  5. Walkers must abide by the instructions given by the event organiser and their authorised representatives.

  6. No dogs will be allowed.

  7. Walkers must sign their own name against their number at the departure checkpoint, at each of the 5 checkpoints on the route, and again at the finish check.  At each signing a marshal will record the walker’s time alongside.

  8. Walkers must leave the 3rd checkpoint, the Ponderosa Café on the Horseshoe Pass (17.5 miles), by 1.30pm at the latest.  Anyone arriving after that time will be offered the choice of retiring or being transferred to the 2-day event, and returning to complete the walk on Sunday.

  9. Walkers must keep to the designated event route. The route will be marked but please read through the given route directions prior to the event.

  10. Please keep to the Countryside Code – Drop no litter, close all gates, and walk with care and consideration to others.

  11. PLEASE PLEASE do not retire from this event without informing a marshal or telephoning the emergency number on the wristband. We must account for everybody, and if you do not do this a lot of time, money and effort will be wasted looking for you.