The Permanent Challenge

The Llangollen Round is an exhilarating high-level route with some wonderful views, but there is no doubt that walking it is a challenge.  It’s certainly no stroll in the park!

Some of our walkers in recent years have compared it to the Three Peaks or the Lakeland 50.

The Llangollen Round Challenge is a triennial sponsored event that has been held on the route three times now, the last time in 2018.  Have a look on this website and you can see the times that participants have taken to complete the course.  Can you rival them?  Or perhaps you would like to undertake your own personal sponsored challenge?  We are now offering a ‘Permanent Challenge’ which can be taken at any time.  Walk the route (it’s 35 miles, starting and ending in Llangollen) and you will be awarded a certificate bearing your name and time.  It doesn’t matter if you are a hare that nips round in 7 hours or a tortoise that takes 7 days - if you abide by the conditions, you are eligible for a certificate and we would like to record your name and your time on the Roll of Honour on our website. 

Here’s what you have to do –

Llangollen Leisure Centre will verify your time.  You should present yourself to the desk there at the start and again at the finish.  When you get back you will simply need to show them two photos on your phone or camera – the cairns on the two highest peaks, Moel-y-Gamelin, and Moel Fferna. 
The Leisure Centre is open from 9am (7.30am Mon and Wed) and closes at 9pm on weekdays.  If you want to set off before 9am you must slip a note with the time under their door or take a photo of the Town Hall clock as you go through the town.  You should plan to get back before 9pm!  The Leisure Centre actually closes at 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays, so we have alternative arrangements in place for those days.  At weekends you will need to return to the Hand Hotel in town, where the reception desk will ask to see the same photos and issue the certificate.  We are asking donations for these certificates and of course, it goes to Cancer Research UK.  We also have some very nice woven badges available for a small charge.

Finally, a few words of caution.  The route is waymarked with our discs but do not even think of venturing out there without a copy of the Llangollen Round booklet.  Make sure you also take with you adequate clothing, and sufficient food and water for the time you will be out.  The Ponderosa Café, about half-way round, can help out with this.  Be careful of losing daylight – there are several places where you could safely escape from the Round if you need to.  Do not be caught on the mountains in the dark.  And most of the route has phone reception, but just the odd patch is outside all networks.  Perhaps carry a whistle and make sure a friend knows where you have gone. 

So there you are, we’ve thrown down the gauntlet!  If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to ring (01978 869364 / 07905330788) or email (  We wish you the very best of luck!

Both the Leisure Centre and the Hand Hotel are very close to Llangollen Bridge.

To find the Leisure Centre  :  At the north end of the bridge, turn right on the Wrexham road and immediately left up Wharf Hill.  At the top, go left in front of the school and the entrance to the Leisure Centre is then about 150 yards on the right, alongside the school.

To find the Hand Hotel  :  From the bridge walk up the main street (Castle Street) for 100 yards, then turn left into Oak Street.  At its end, go through the bollards ahead and the entrance to the Hand is on your left.