About The Round

It is more than 50 years since a committee supporting Cancer Research was first established in Llangollen. The name may have changed once or twice over the years, but the dedication to the cause is the same. The current committee for Cancer Research UK in Llangollen organises several fundraising events every year.

The Llangollen Round is something new and different, a venture realised through the inspiration, hard work and generous sponsorship of local people, and by the generously-given expertise of Red Dog Books in Brittany

Llangollen has always been an area popular with walkers, but this particular circuit, much of it on open access land, has never been described before. This is an exciting route, a challenge, a splendid walk on the wild side, and an opportunity to feel really off-the-beaten-track - while never being far from the accommodation and transport connections that make it all possible.

The committee hopes that this splendid route will bring enjoyment to many people, while contributing to the ever-important work of Cancer Research UK.